Poem KASHmirie: It is All About Kashmiriyat

KASHmirie: It is All About Kashmiriyat

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In the lap of the Himalayas, where the mighty rivers flow,
Lies a land of timeless beauty, where the saffron flowers grow.
Kashmirie, a tale untold, of mountains, lakes, and skies,
A paradise on Earth, where the spirit of Kashmiriyat lies.

From the ancient chinars, their leaves whispering the breeze,
To the tranquil Dal Lake, a mirror of celestial peace.
Here, tradition meets tomorrow, in a dance of light and shade,
Where every soul is a story, and every life a serenade.

Kashmiriyat, the essence, a tapestry so grand,
Woven with threads of unity, in this enchanted land.
It’s in the call to prayer, echoing through the valleys wide,
In the Sufi songs of longing, where faith and love abide.

The saffron fields in bloom, a sea of golden hue,
Speak of ancient legacies, forever strong and true.
Pashmina shawls, so soft, with tales in every weave,
Tell of artisans’ passion, of dreams they dare to believe.

In the bustling bazaars, where stories come alive,
Merchants share their treasures, the lifeblood of the hive.
Handicrafts and jewelry, each piece a work of art,
Reflect the soul of Kashmir, a reflection of its heart.

The orchards in the spring, with blossoms white and pink,
Are promises of abundance, of future on the brink.
Apples, almonds, walnuts, nature’s generous gifts,
Offer sustenance and hope, as the morning mist lifts.

Kashmirie cuisine, a symphony of spice,
Rogan josh and kahwa, simple yet precise.
Each meal a celebration, of heritage and care,
A testament to love, a bond we all share.

In the schools and universities, young minds awake,
To knowledge and to wisdom, for a brighter future’s sake.
The quest for understanding, in classrooms filled with light,
Prepares the youth of Kashmir, to reach for greater heights.

Healthcare and compassion, in every tender touch,
Reflect the soul of Kashmir, that cares so very much.
Doctors, nurses, healers, working hand in hand,
Restore the health and hope, in this beloved land.

The vibrant festivals, of color and of cheer,
Eid and Diwali, bring communities near.
A testament to harmony, where differences unite,
In the spirit of Kashmiriyat, every heart ignites.

And when the snows of winter, blanket earth and sky,
The warmth of Kashmiriyat, is felt in every sigh.
In the hearths and homes, where stories are retold,
Of bravery and of kindness, of warmth in the cold.

Kashmirie is the laughter, that children freely share,
The wisdom of the elders, the silent, loving stare.
It’s the resilience of the people, who never cease to strive,
Through trials and tribulations, they flourish and they thrive.

Kashmiriyat is a promise, of a future built on peace,
Where every soul is cherished, and divisions cease.
It’s the hope that we carry, in every heart and hand,
For a Kashmir that’s united, a truly promised land.

So let us all remember, in every dawn and dusk,
The spirit of Kashmiriyat, in which we place our trust.
For in the heart of Kashmir, beats a timeless song,
Of unity and love, where every soul belongs.

Kashmirie, the essence, it’s more than just a name,
It’s the heartbeat of a people, an everlasting flame.
In every breath and heartbeat, in every smile and tear,
Kashmiriyat, the spirit, forever shall endear.

by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat

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