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Understanding Global KASHmirie Chamber (GKC)

The Global KASHmirie Chamber (GKC) is an organization dedicated to promoting growth, leadership, opportunity, business development, and advocacy for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses.

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat is the founder of Global KASHmirie Chamber (GKC).

The main objectives of GKC are to foster growth, provide leadership, create opportunities, support business development, and advocate for the business community.

GKC has offices in Srinagar, Kashmir (India) and Shah Alam, Selangor (Malaysia).

GKC has five verticals: Global KASHmirie Chamber, Digital News Portal, E-Commerce Portal, KASHmirie TV, and Book Portal.

GKC is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their lives and businesses.

GKC offers a huge global ecosystem, Pan India reach, government initiatives, and empowerment opportunities.

The Kashmirie Global Movement is a Pan India and global movement to brand Jammu & Kashmir’s products and services.

Partnerships and Collaborations (GKC)

Yes, GKC is partnering and practicing the 28COE Core Values.

Yes, Global KASHmirie Chamber is part of the 28COE Ecosystem locally and globally.

 Yes, the 28COE Global Summit showcases GKC and all its partners in domestic and international events.

Yes, GKC plays an important role in Digital Kashmir and its community members.

Yes, with its huge ecosystem and partnership with 28COE, GKC organizes events overseas.

Members enjoy numerous benefits including networking opportunities, business development support, access to international markets, and more.

Yes, you can work as a volunteer by reaching out to us. Visit us https://globalkashmiriechamber.com/contact-us/

GKC membership is paid on an annual basis.

No, GKC is funded by the founder, co-founders, and its partners.

GKC spreads awareness about government initiatives, inspiring new ventures and product development opportunities, and ties up with government departments to promote them.

GKC’s Impact and Offerings

GKC works for the betterment of society by creating new jobs, fostering entrepreneurship, and empowering communities.

GKC offers diversified content including blogs, poems, educational articles, and more to benefit members and the community.

GKC works across all sectors to support businesses and entrepreneurs.

GKC’s global reach, young business minds, comprehensive case studies, multiple verticals, and exclusive benefits set it apart from other chambers.

The Digital News Portal keeps members informed with the latest trade and commerce updates, untold stories, and industry awareness.

The E-Commerce Portal showcases and sells authentic Kashmiri products nationwide and internationally, promoting global branding.

The Book Portal chronicles inspiring success stories, preserving the legacy and spirit of Jammu & Kashmir.

GKC celebrates and preserves the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Jammu & Kashmir through various initiatives and platforms.

GKC supports business development by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Innovation is central to GKC’s mission, driving growth and development through new ideas and technologies.

Membership and Involvement (GKC)

GKC offers mentorship programs to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

GKC promotes sustainability by encouraging eco-friendly practices and supporting sustainable business models.

GKC advocates for the interests of its members, influencing policies and creating a favorable business environment.

GKC fosters learning through workshops, seminars, training sessions, and access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.

GKC provides numerous networking opportunities through events, conferences, and online platforms.

GKC empowers local communities by supporting local businesses, creating job opportunities, and promoting cultural heritage.

GKC promotes health through awareness campaigns, partnerships with healthcare providers, and initiatives to improve community well-being.

Integrity is central to GKC’s ethos, ensuring all actions and decisions are guided by honesty, transparency, and moral principles. Visit us https://globalkashmiriechamber.com/core-values/

Prospective members can apply for membership through the GKC website and pay an annual fee.

Businesses should join GKC to leverage its extensive network, gain access to valuable resources, and be part of a movement driving economic growth and cultural preservation in Jammu & Kashmir.