Poem Say No to Corruption

Say No to Corruption

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In the shadows, it lurks unseen,
A silent poison, cruel and mean.
Corruption’s grasp, so tight and cold,
Turning silver, hearts of gold.

It whispers lies in willing ears,
It feeds on greed, ignites our fears.
It twists the truth, distorts the mind,
Leaving justice far behind.

From lofty towers to humble homes,
Its dark hand reaches, where it roams.
No fortress strong, no place secure,
When virtue falters, it finds the door.

With pockets lined and souls for sale,
Integrity begins to pale.
A handshake here, a bribe there,
Leaving trust gasping for air.

Officials with their greedy hands,
Weaken nations, steal their lands.
Promises, once pure and true,
Now tainted by corruption’s hue.

In schools and courts, in sacred halls,
Where honor stands, corruption falls.
It breaks the bonds of faith and trust,
Turning all it touches into dust.

But hear the call, oh hearts of fire,
Stand against this creeping mire.
Let truth and justice be our guide,
In unity, let us abide.

Raise your voice, make a stand,
For a cleaner, fairer land.
From every mountain, every plain,
Let integrity reign again.

Teach our children, young and bright,
To know what’s wrong, to do what’s right.
To shun the path that greed has paved,
And honor those who bravely saved.

For every act of courage shown,
Corruption’s power is overthrown.
With every stand and every fight,
We push it back into the night.

The future bright, within our hands,
A promise made on shifting sands.
To build a world that’s just and fair,
Free from corruption’s snare.

In every heart, let courage grow,
Against corruption, let us go.
Together strong, we make our plea,
To live in peace and honesty.

Say no to corruption, loud and clear,
Let every corner, every ear,
Hear the call, the righteous fight,
For a world bathed in truth’s pure light.

So let us march, both young and old,
With banners high, our stories told.
With every step, let justice ring,
In every land, let freedom sing.

For when we stand as one, aligned,
With justice, love, and peace combined,
Corruption’s grip will fade away,
And light will dawn a brighter day.

by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat

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