28COE Core Values- Edition-1

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Embracing the Essence of Humanity: Honoring the 28COE Core Values

The 28 Core Values, authored by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, serve as profound guiding principles for humanity. At Global KASHmirie Chamber, we wholeheartedly embrace and practice these values, recognizing them as the moral compass that shapes our actions and decisions. Dr. Bilal’s visionary initiative in formulating these values deserves utmost admiration, as they transcend boundaries and foster a positive impact on individuals and communities alike. Through unwavering dedication, we salute Dr. Bilal for championing these principles that inspire us to create meaningful change. As we align ourselves with these values, we embark on a journey of collective growth, embodying the essence of integrity, collaboration, and a brighter future for all.


  1. Integrity: Upholding honesty and moral principles in all actions and decisions.
  2. Boldness: Embracing challenges with courage and fearlessness to drive innovation.
  3. Honesty: Being transparent and truthful in every interaction and communication.
  4. Trustworthiness: Building trust through consistent reliability and ethical behavior.
  5. Accountability: Taking ownership of responsibilities and actions, ensuring commitments are met.
  6. Learning: Continuously seeking knowledge and growth to adapt and excel.
  7. Community Of Customer Experience: Fostering a collective commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction.
  8. Passion: Channeling enthusiasm and dedication into everything we do.
  9. Culture of Fun: Creating an enjoyable environment that sparks creativity and engagement.
  10. Discipline: Following a structured approach to achieve goals with consistency.
  11. Community of Ownership: Sharing responsibility to achieve common objectives as a united team.
  12. Result Oriented: Focusing on outcomes that drive meaningful impact.
  13. Constant Improvement: Striving for continuous enhancement in all aspects of our endeavors.
  14. Leadership: Guiding and inspiring others to achieve greatness.
  15. Hard Work: Putting in dedicated effort to overcome challenges and achieve success.
  16. Diversity: Celebrating and embracing differences to enrich our perspectives.
  17. Innovation: Pioneering new ideas and solutions to shape the future.
  18. Quality: Delivering excellence and maintaining high standards in all deliverables.
  19. Teamwork: Collaborating synergistically to achieve shared goals.
  20. Simplicity: Streamlining processes and communication for clarity and efficiency.
  21. Collaboration & Partnership: Working together to achieve mutual growth and success.
  22. Idealism: Pursuing visionary goals and positive change with unwavering optimism.
  23. Courage: Facing challenges with bravery and determination.
  24. Unselfishness: Putting the greater good before personal interests.
  25. Entitlement: Rejecting a sense of entitlement and earning through hard work and merit.
  26. Self-Respect: Holding oneself in high regard, fostering confidence and dignity.
  27. Client Value Creation: Prioritizing the creation of value and solutions for clients.
  28. One Global Network: Connecting and collaborating across the world for collective progress.


Fostering Positive Transformation: Embrace the 28COE Core Values for a Brighter Future

Whether you’re a budding startup, a well-established organization, an individual, or an educational institution ranging from schools to universities, the 28COE Core Values offer a powerful framework for growth. We strongly recommend embracing these values as they transcend diverse contexts. By adopting these values, we can collectively create a substantial global impact that enriches lives. These values can also serve as a strong foundation for the younger generation to shape their futures upon. Share these values with the young minds, inspiring them to become tomorrow’s leaders. Secure your copy of the 28COE Core Values today, and position yourself to be the catalyst for change. Join us in the journey towards a brighter, more meaningful future. You have the potential to be the next game-changer!


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